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Home Based Care Training Course

The Community Health Worker is the first person in the community to identify problems and to provide advice upon health-related issues. The students learn about taking care of the elderly, terminally ill or infants and children.  They receive first aid training that enables them to take care of people in their home or community in case of accident,until specialised emergency help arrive.

After completion of studies, learners can be employed by old age homes or hospitals as care workers or take care of aged or ill patients at home or take care of children.  They can also be employed as Care Companions to self-sufficient elderly persons that require help to varying degrees.  The community health worker is also equipped to assist HIV positive patients and assist in the administering of regular ARV medication or monitoring taking thereof. Tuberculosis patients needs to be monitored as far as medication, food intake and lifestyle is concerned.

The course consist of 50% of theoretical lectures and 50% of practical work at an old age home or care facility in the area.  The course material is available in English and Afrikaans.  Lectures will be provided in English unless practicality dictates otherwise.  Learners have a choice in which language they wish to write tests and examinations.  Lectures are presented by suitably qualified staff.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Ethics and professional practice.
  • Module 2: Anatomy and physiology
  • Module 3: Human Physical and Mental Development and Basic Human Needs
  • Module 4: Personal Hygiene, Micro Biology, Safety Precautions and Preventing the Spread of Diseases
  • Module 5: Nutrition
  • Module 6: Basic patient care
  • Module 7: Community healthcare
  • Module 8: Basic First Aid


6 months (full time – 3 months theory and 3 months practical)


Grade 9 (minimum entry level)

Documents Required

Certified copies of:

  • Identity Document
  • School Certificate & two color passport photos

Course Content

  • Classroom & clinical facility tutoring
  • Clinical placement consists of day- and night duty to gain practical experience.

Fees Include

  • Indemnity cover
  • All study material
  • One (1) uniform (additional uniforms can be purchased at extra cost)

Please Note


No learner will be accepted as a learner on the training program if the learner is past their 1st trimester of pregnancy – that is if they are more than 3 months pregnant.

HIV/Aids Status

You do not have to disclose your status.

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