We'll teach you to take care of those who can't take care of themselves.

What we do

Home Care

We are registered with various Medical Aids and have the necessary BHF practice number.

Care Protocol

A nursing care plan is compiled that contain an accurate record of care given to keep control.

Care Course

Learners are instructed to work as care workers or take care of the aged, impaired or ill patients at home or take care of children

Medicae Manus was established in October 2014 –

We see this as a calling by God to do good and uplift the local community by providing the students with an affordable, good quality education. The short course is aimed at Old Age Care, but also childcare and care for Paralyzed and stroke patients. We train carers to be able to assist Stroke patients with rehabilitation to regain certain functions. We assist prospective care givers to acquire a good overall theoretical knowledge base and hone their practical skills prior to entering the job market.

Medicae Manus Healthcare Training Academy (Pty) Ltd operates in the Western Cape and we see this as a first small step in community upliftment in the Western Cape.

Medicae Manus Sorg Eenheid is in the planning stages – This will be a care facility aimed at frail care in an facility to be announced.

Our Mission

Medicae Manus will endeavour to instil a culture of lifelong learning in our learners and is committed to provide a comprehensive and high-quality training to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

Our Vision

To contribute to the development of the community by providing excellent training opportunities by establishing a centre of excellence in private Nursing Education based on Christian philosophy.

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